Signing Ceremony for the Exchanges of Notes on a grant assistance for Economic and Social development program (Provision of assembled iron bridges)

Sign between Minister Tkatchenko and Ambassador Tkatchenko Signing between Minister Tkatchenko and Ambassador Watanabe
交換 Exchange of Notes
全員 Commemorative photo with ceremony participants from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of National Planning & Monitoring and the Embassy of Japan

On 20 Deacember 2022, H.E. Mr. Nobuyuki Watanabe, Ambassador of Japan to PNG and Hon. Mr. Justin Tkatchenko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea attended the Signing Ceremony for the grant assistance for the “Project for Economic and Social Development Program for provision of assembled iron bridges”.
Japan will provide a grant assistance of 400 million yen, or approximately 10 million kina for provision of maximum of eight assembled bridges. This economic cooperation is expected to improve access to healthcare, education and markets for people by providing assembled iron bridges, especially in mountainous areas where there are no bridges, or the aging of existing bridges are hindering the transportation of people and goods.