About Us


1)Embassy of Japan in Papua New Guinea

Address: Godwit Road, Waigani, Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea (P.O.Box 1040, Port Moresby)

Phone: (675)321-1800

E-mail: sceoj@pm.mofa.go.jp(Consul-security section)

    infeoj@pm.mofa.go.jp(Japanese Government Scholarship / Information and Cultural section)

            odaeoj@pm.mofa.go.jp(Economic and Economic Coorperation section)



3)Offices hours

Embassy Main Office

08:00-12:00, 13:00-16:45(Monday-Friday)

Consular Office

08:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00(Monday-Friday)


  1st January (Friday)                          New Year’s Day
  2nd January(Saturday)                   New Year’s Holiday
  3rd January(Sunday)                      New Year’s Holiday
  8th January(Friday)                        State Funeral Service for the late Rt. Hon. Sir Morauta
11thFebruary(Thursday)                      National Foundation Day
23rd February(Tuesday)                   Emperor’s Birthday
12th March(Friday)                              State Funeral Service for the late Rt. Hon. Sir Somare
 [20th March(Saturday)                    Vernal Equinox Day]
  2nd  April(Friday)                           Good Friday
[3rd April(Saturday)                       Easter Saturday]
[4th April(Sunday)                           Easter Sunday]
  5th April(Monday)                          Easter Monday
14th June(Monday)                          Queen’s Birthday
22rd July(Thursday)                         Marine day
23rd July(Friday)                              National Remembrance Day
[ 8th August(Sunday)                       Mountain Day]
26th August(Thursday)                     National Repentance Day
16th September(Thursday)                Independence Day
20st September(Monday)                  Respect for the Aged and Seniors’ Day
23rd November(Tuesday)                  Labour Day
[25th December(Saturday)                Christmas Day]
[26th December(Sunday)                  Boxing Day]
27th December(Monday)                   Compensatory holiday for Boxing Day 
29th December(Wednesday)             Year End Holiday
30th December(Thursday)                Year End Holiday
31st December(Friday)                     Year End Holiday