Ambassador Watanabe attended a groundbreaking ceremony of Rigo Rice farm project

Ambassador Watanabe giving a speech in the ceremony
Group photo with stakeholders of Rigo Rice farm project
Ambassador having an explanation of large tractor for cultivation
On 30th May, Ambassador Watanabe attended a Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Rigo Rice farm project. This project is a cooperation between the SUGANO Farm Machinery with the the Rigo Rice, which expands large-scale rice farming business in Rigo District of Central Province. 
Ambassador Watanabe stated, “It is a great honor to join you today. This project is significant in the agricultural development of Papua New Guinea and the deepening partnership between Papua New Guinea and Japan. I express my deepest appreciation to everyone who has contributed to making this project a reality and look forward to the bountiful harvests. “
 In response, Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Hon. Ano Pala, said, “Rigo district will support Rigo Rice and ensure that this rice feeds the PNG population. K4.4 million is given to the farm by the Rigo District and the money will be spent to build irrigation system and infrastructure for the farm with the assistance of Japanese thechnology.”

(EMTC Online)