Handover Ceremony of The Project for Expansion of Sivitatana Primary School in Central Province

Ambassador Watanabe giving a speech
Ambassador Watanabe cutting the ribbon
Observation of a school building with recipient community people
 On 25th April 2024, Ambassador Watanabe attended the handover ceremony for the Project for expansion of Sivitatana Primary School in Central Province. The Japanese government provided a school building with two classrooms, and a teachers preparation room, and furniture worth of approximately 292,600 kina.
Ambassador Watanabe stated, “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to stakeholders involved for their supports and efforts put in for the successful completion of this project. Education is not only a vital tool to acquire knowledge and skills, But also an investment for future development. I sincerely hope that this project will contribute to strengthening the friendship between the peoples of PNG and Japan, as well as to fostering a partnership between the two counties.”
 In response, local stakeholders expressed gratitude and Mr. Uvenama Rova a guest representing Ministry for National Planning and Monitoring, First Secretary said, “I am pleased with the completion of this project. There are many things for our country to learn from Japan’s resilient development since the post-war reconstruction. In this occasion, I would like to commend Japanese Government for its previous assistances and request the continuous supports to the people of Central Province Rigo district.”