Signing Ceremony of Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects for PNG Fisical Year 2023

GC Signing with Head Teacher of Hoskins Primary School
GC Signing with Head Teacher of St Threse Yamamoto Primary School
GC Signing with New Ireland Province
On 8th March, Ambassador WATANABE signed three(3)grant contract (approximately 760,000 kina(equivalent to approximately 30 million Japanese yen))of Grassroots Human Security Projects(GGP)for PNG in FY2023 with representatives of the recipients from Hoskins Primary School in West New Britain, St Threse Yamamoto Primary School in Bougainville and New Ireland Province respectively at the Embassy of Japan in Port Moresby.The above mentioned assistance will be used for the construction of classrooms that are desperately needed for improvement of educational environment and improvement of medical environment for the Reuse of Secondhand Ambulance. Ambassador WATANABE stated, “I sincerely hope that all these projects will be remembered as a symbol of the friendship between the people of Japan and Papua New Guinea in the years to come. It is my hope that children, teachers and medical personnel who benefit from the project will play an important role in the development of the country and in the furtherance of the cordial relationship between Papua New Guinea and Japan. “