Reception for Japanese Government Scholarship 2024

Ms. Melanie made her year-old dream come true
Commemorative photo taken after the ambassador handed over passports etc.
Group photo with international student support organizations
In the Japanese Government(MEXT) Scholarship Program 2024, five students from PNG were selected. With two weeks to go to Japan, Japanese Embassy held a Reception to express our encouragement. While each scholarship student gave a speech about the significance of coming to Japan, Ms. Dirua Melanie said, "When I applied last year, I didn't get the results, but I am really happy that I was able to try again this time and make my dream of coming to Japan come true." Ambassador Watanabe addressed the students, saying, "You will play an important role as a bridge between Japan and PNG in the future. Through this program, I hope that you will enjoy not only learning but also the scenery, food, culture, and history of Japan, and that it will become an asset for you throughout your life."