Signing for the Exchange of Notes on two grant assistances of the provision of police vehicles and the provision of ICT equipment for teachers colleges

Ambassador Watanabe giving a speech
Commemorative photo The second from the right in the photo is Hon. Justin Tkatchebko Minister of Foreign Affairs.
 On 19th February 2024, Ambassador Watanabe and Hon. Tkatchenko Minister for Foreign Affairs signed documents for two grant assistance for the “Project for Economic and Social Development Program”.
 The first one was the provision of the Police vehicles, which is worth 500 million yen or approximately 12.8 million kina. Providing police vehicles helps create a safer environment for communities.For the second one is the provision of ICT equipment for Teachers Colleges, which is worth 400 million yen or approximately 10.2 million kina. It will be used to create digital teaching materials, etc., and will lead to improve the educational standards of PNG.