Ambassador Watanabe’s visit to a factory of Queen Emma Chocolate Company

MD of the company explains the process to roast cacaos
A gift handed over from the company
Explanation on how to filter the cacaos to the fine powder
On 22 June 2023, Ambassador Watanabe visited, Queen Emma Chocolate Company a chocolate manufacturer of Paradise Food Group which is one of the leading food manufacturers in PNG.
Ms. Makori, Managing Director of the company, explained that the company is the only one chocolate manufacturer which uses the cacao directly procured from farmers in PNG, and produces about 600 kilograms of products a day. She also stated that the company purchases cacaos from producing areas such as Bougainville, Sepik, Madang, Morobe, and so on, and the flavors of those cacaos are different in each place. The company also plans to participate in Food Expo in Japan next year and hopes to extend their business to Japanese market.