Visit to Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport and other project sites

Observation in the main Robbie of the new airport terminal building
Unveiling a tablet on which the new name, Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport, is engraved
Markam Bridge is 560 meter long, which is built with grant assistance by Japan
Dr. Tanaka, President of JICA, visited Morobe Province on 19th April, and participated in a tablet-unveiling ceremony in Nadzab Airport, where the runway of the airport has been widened, and a new terminal buildings is being built under a loan assistance of 26.942 billion yen (245 million USD).
Ambassador Watanabe and Mr. Koinuma, Chief Representative of JICA PNG office, also participated in the ceremony with other guests from the Japanese side. Deputy Prime Minister Rosso, Mr. Schnaubelt, Minister for Transportation and Civil Aviation, and others attended   the ceremony from the PNG side.
In the ceremony, it was announced that the name of Nadzab Airport would be renamed as “Nadzab Tomodachi International Airport” commemorating the friendship and corporation between Japan and PNG. (Tomodachi means friendship)  The Airport will be the second international airport of PNG, after the Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby. Before and after the ceremony, they took a tour of the facilities of the airport.
In addition, using the opportunity to visit Morobe Province, the delegation of Dr. Tanaka visited Erap substation of Ram Transmission Duplication Project, which is under construction by Japanese loan assistance, and Markham Bridge, which was built by a Japanese grant assistance long time ago.