Courtesy Call to PM Marape, Foreign Minister Tkatchenko and other Ministers by President Tanaka

Courtesy call to Treasurer Ling-Stuckey
Courtesy call to PM Marape and Foreign Minister Tkatchenko
Discussion with DPM Rosso and Transportation Minister Schunaubelt
On 18th April when Dr. Tanaka, President of JICA, arrived at Port Moresby, he paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Ling-Stuckey, Minister for Treasury, and exchanged opinions about financial administration of the PNG government. He also exchanged opinions with Mr. Rosso, Deputy Prime Minister, and Mr. Schnaubelt, Minister for Transportation and Civil Aviation, who participated in a ceremony in Nadzab Airport on 19th April.
Alter coming back from the visit to Morobe Province, on 20th April, which is the last day of the program, Dr. Tanaka paid a courtesy call to Honourable Prime Minister Marape and Mr. Tkatchenko, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and exchanged views on the way to enhance the bilateral relationship of two countries, and on economic and social development in PNG.
Please see the following about the signing for the Exchange of Notes on three grant assistances which was carried out on the occasion of courtesy call to PM Marape and Minister Tkatchenko.
Signing for the Exchange of Notes on three grant assistances for improvement of cultural asset conservation, medical service and maritime security