Ambassador Watanabe visited Enga provincial vaccine storage center and Enga provincial hospital (Cold-chain network for Covid-19 vaccination through UNICEF)

35-day vaccine storage is possible only with ice in this special container
Data management system enables to avoid wasteful spending of vaccine
Enga Province has been received 6 ambulances and 2 vehicles to bring vaccine-containers
Japan has supported the efforts by the PNG Government to fight against Covid-19 with various ways. The flagship project by Japan in this area is the establishment of "cold chain network" to enable storage of the Covid-19 vaccine, which requires low temperature, and transport to the rural place. Under the first phase, Japan provided 334 cold boxes, 300 tablets for the data management, 500 temperature sensors and so on. Then, under the second phase, 175 refrigerators, 30 vehicles, 6 incinerators and other equipment will be provided.
On 8th February, 2023, accompanied by Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, Ambassador Watanabe visited a vaccine storage center of Enga Province, where 4 cold boxes and other equipment were allocated, to grasp the current situation and the effect of the project. They exchanged views with a director of provincial health department and the person in charge of UNICEF regional office. Also Ambassador exchanged opinions with managements of the Wabag provincial hospital, where some medical equipment for emergency treatment were provided by Japanese grant assistance and used in a good condition. In addition to that, Ambassador and Governor Ipatas inspected the Tambitanis Health Centre in Wapenamanda on 9th February where a Japanese ambulance is allocated. In 2019, total 6 ambulances were donated by Japan to Enga Province.  
This visit was carried out as a part of "the press tour" under which journalists from a total of four newspaper and TV station companies joined the site visit by Ambassador. The journalists interviewed representatives of the hospital and UNICEF.